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The Flycraft Guide 14' 3-man inflatable boat is wider and longer to comfortably accommodate a 3rd person. With a new frame design and secure leg locks for each angler, this is the perfect boat for the avid fisherman.

This boat was designed to have all the comforts and advantages of a drift boat, but with superior access to smaller water and rocky streams.


Huron Jet Sled

Experience the thrill of navigating the Jordan River in complete darkness with Wild Bill. Trust Bill's incredible memory to navigate you through the Cedar Swamp on his Flycraft raft, beneath the dark night sky. Along the way, he will instruct you to perfectly finesse the mouse, luring in impressive trophy brown that can reach 30+ inches. Brace yourself for heart-stopping moments as these magnificent creatures assert their dominance, creating an unrivaled spectacle on the water's surface. But the excitement doesn't end there. Witness a beautiful celestial masterpiece during this nocturnal adventure, thanks to minimal light pollution in the Jordan Valley. Indulge in stargazing amidst this hidden gem, a sanctuary imbued with the majesty of the night.

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